CB Vann McElroy 78

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CB Vann McElroy 78 Empty CB Vann McElroy 78

Post  Pickle999 on Tue 8 Apr - 9:19

$3,500,000 5 years

Offered by Oakland Raiders

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CB Vann McElroy 78 Empty Re: CB Vann McElroy 78

Post  garrettj1216 on Tue 8 Apr - 21:04

3.9m 2 years

This one is for the Lions

Edit by Commish: Needs to follow these rules from now on - thanks!

- Bids starts at 500k. (Only players that will join your Starting lineup. No practice squad.)
- You can bid has many times has you want. Counter-offers starts at 250k.
- Cannot bid by adding year(s) to the previous offer. It has to be 250k + year(s)
- All bids are closed before sim time on Monday & Thursday night, and a minimum of 48 hours of posting has to be respected. Player(s) are added after game time.
- If 3 teams or more are taking part of the bidding war, the 1st team to show interest on the forum and made the initial offer has the right to match the last offer on the thread.
- Total value of contract wins over anything else. That's the one-way street of this process.

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